Brianna Perry cozies up to a Benz in a backyard for her new ‘On God’ video

It’s flashy, all right.

But not flashy in a Cardi B in animal-print-bodypaint-at-the-beach kinda way. See the Twerk video here

We’re talking about Brianna Perry’s newly dropped video for “On God.”

We love the cheeky lyrics (well, the ones we can mention here). They include references to pop culture, haute couture designers, people in the news and celebrities.

“Catfish money, need a printer.  Couple shooters with me in a Sprinter.  Chanel or Céline my dilemma. F— a n-word, on my Kylie Jenner.”

Never had nothin’ I blew ‘fore this Bentley. So do not tempt me, brand new Givenchy. Bust on his face like Monica Lewinsky, woo. Dukes of Hazzard, hoppin’ out the coupe. Nasty as I wanna be, I feel like Uncle Luke. Surf in my pool, bitch, pay your dues. F– up your red carpet in these Jimmy Choos.”

Listen carefully and look carefully at the scenery.

In the Omar The Director video, you won’t see fancy South Beach hotels or even hipster Wynwood streets. Perry, dressed in a pink track suit and dripping in jewelry, appears as if she is in a back yard in suburban Kendall. Her souped up Benz serves as a prop.

The former “Sisterhood of Hip-Hop” star told XXL Magazine the shoot involved a lot of improvisation.

“I wanted the ‘On God’ visual to be reflective of where I was when I created the record…just a vibe,” Perry said. “No set treatment or script just me in my element doing what I do, effortlessly…giving my fans all of me, in a natural form.”

“On God” is off the Poe Boy Music Group hitmaker’s “Fortune Cookie” EP.

“There are a lot of little surprises,” the UM grad told HipHopDX last summer of the project. “I feel like it’s a lot of flavors, different songs. I can’t even describe it, man. You just got to listen.”

Yesssss can’t wait for the premiere of “ON GOD” tomorrow on @xxl !!!!! comment “On God” if you ready !!!!!

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