Trina just fired her shady assistant on ‘Love & Hip Hop: Miami’ and we’re happy


“Love & Hip Hop: Miami” fans breathed a sigh of relief after Wednesday night’s show:

Trina finally let her pesky assistant Alvin Kelly go.

Why? With all his shady behavior. you really need a definitive reason at this point?

Here’s one: He flat out lied telling people he was the hip hop superstar’s, um,  creative director.

Here’s another: Alvin also attempted to start a T-shirt line with her business manager.

“I have to have my own brand,” blithely said Alvin during his final meeting in the studio.

Our girl Trina went off on him hard, saying that Alvin was the one who needed an assistant, that he didn’t have her back and called him a “groupie.” The rap star had been warned numerous times about her lackey’s errant behavior by other people including castmate Bobby Lytes.

‘You’re out! You’re fired!” Trina yelled in her best Donald Trump-Apprentice impersonation (jk).

Many social media users had Trina’s back, at least. The Twitterverse was definitely not amused by Alvin’s blatant abuse of his position.

Let’s see how he does without Trina. Ummm.

At, he’s dead to us. Because she’s forever the QUEEN.