Victoria Jackson goes online


Saturday Night Live alum and Miami Lakes resident Victoria Jackson this week rolled out the premiere of her The View-style round-table webcast Politichicks, which showed her playing a tiny guitar while singing about her view of Muslims: “They like beheadings and pedophile weddings …” And that’s the least eyebrow-raising part of her show, which also stars pro-life activist Jannique Stewart,’s Ann-Marie Murrell and conservative activist Jennie Jones. Jackson, 52, who’s married to Miami Police officer Paul Wessell, says the show appeals to those “tired of the lies in the mainstream media.” “They would have you believe that Islam is a religion of peace,” said Jackson, who made news earlier this year for criticizing TV’s Glee for its gay characters. “It’s a lie.” Jackson has lived in SoFla since 1992. For the previous six years, she played the role of a ditsy blond in dozens of comedy sketches on SNL. But after getting married to Wessell, she became a housewife little seen on television or at the movies, and a conservative Christian activist. Last year, she graduated from Palm Beach Atlantic University, a Christian school in downtown West Palm Beach, with a degree in arts and acting. Jackson says the weekly Politichicks is one of her first regular gigs since SNL. “I’m hoping the show will be picked up by a large network,” she said.