How does Kim Kardashian smell?

How does Kim Kardashian smell? Just as you’d imagine: Really, really good.

She sampled her new fragrance, Gold, during the reality star’s personal appearance recently at Macy’s Aventura. She spritzed fans, signed autographs and answered (not too personal) questions. We chatted before her trip:

Tell us about your scent.

Gold is a derivative of my original Kim Kardashian scent, but this one is more nighttime and just amped up. It’s very sexy.

Obvious question: How do you juggle everything?

I get lots of sleep. I’m not a big partier. I’m all business!

You must treasure your down time. What do you do in your nonworking hours that might surprise people?

I love working out so on my off days I will do that twice a day. I also love going to the movies and watching shows like Forensic Files and The First 48. I’m fascinated by murder stories and cold-case files.

What is the secret to your staying on top? Is it always reinventing yourself?

I just love listening to the fans and what they want. I follow their lead. My brand is a brand for my fans. I don’t mind them coming up to me and asking me beauty questions at all.

Who is your inspiration these days?

Cindy Crawford. She’s beautiful, smart, a good mom and great businesswoman.

What’s the best part of fame? The worst?

I get to travel the world to places I couldn’t have dreamed of. Loss of privacy is the down side, but it comes along with the territory.