Sindustry 2011

Jenna Haze and Joanna Angel
Jenna Haze and Joanna Angel

Exxxotica 2011 (May 20-22) at the Miami Beach Convention Center is here  and with that comes the full on Adult Industry assault on South Beach, complete with late night parties, events and other assorted debauchery. For the second consecutive year, LIV nightclub is getting in the mood by throwing ‘Sindustry’ on Friday, May 20 hosted by two of the biggest adult film stars –  Joanna Angel and Jenna Haze. ‘Sindustry’ will rock out until the wee hours with sounds provided by JUS SKE. caught up with Joanna Angel to talk about the weekend and the convention.

What is it like coming to Exxxotica in Miami, something you look forward to doing?

Joanna Angel:
It’s a fun convention! I love it. I get to spend half my time at a porn convention, and half my time on the beach. It’s definitely not a bad way to live. It’s definitely a show that’s all about hanging out and having a good time.

How do the people here compare with other conventions?

Um, they’re a lot more tan . (Laughs)  But really, they are! People in Miami have nice tans.

Second year hosting a party at LIV. Tell us what to expect?

Expect a loud party that goes on all night long, with lots of debauchery, dancing and drinking at the nicest nightclub in Miami.

What have you heard from LIV regarding the expected crowd this year?

I haven’t heard much yet, but I have no doubts it will be great.

Your craziest Miami story? Everyone has one.

Hmm, well last year I spent a while making out with my cocktail waitress at the LIV party! Or at least that is what the photos from the night told me. Maybe I will run into her again this year. If I do, I am totally going to ask her what her name is.

What should your fans look for at the convention this year?

Well, I have a brand new movie out that I will have with me at the show. It’s called “Joanna Angel’s School of Hard Knox”. It’s umm, a movie about me being a really bad school girl. You can’t go wrong with that, right? Be sure to get a copy and I will sign it for you and stuff.