The hottest star moms today

On this most special of days we wonder: What do fans think of celebs’ parenting skills? A survey from’s OMG! entertainment news site, gives us the lowdown:

Hottest overall: Angelina Jolie edged out Halle Berry to win the title. We can kinda see why. The Tourist star keeps it all together in the physical appearance department (those lips!), despite trucking around the world with six kids. And she definitely has the hottest partner in Brad Pitt. Berry ran away with the most fashionable category, though.

A body beautiful: New mom Penelope Cruz grabs the top spot, besting second-place reality star Kourtney Kardashian. OK, we kind of could have figured that one out.

Will you take us in, too?: Sandra Bullock, who adopted adorable Louis last year, beat out the competition with 43 percent of the vote as the woman most people would want to call their own mother. You’d think sweet first lady Michelle Obama would have taken the prize, but she only tallied 18 percent. Bullock is also the star mom most men would want to date (call her a “MILD’’). Go for it — she’s single, and doubtfully wanting a guy in the spotlight again.

Ladies in waiting: Jessica Alba claimed the top spot for sexiest baby bump. Oscar-winner Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson brought up the, um, rear. Other popular preggies include Victoria Beckham, Pink and Jewel.