Celebrity voiceovers: who is that?

Hey, an actor’s gotta work.


Alec Baldwin

, who is out and proud as the Capital One pitchman (what’s in his wallet?), Activia yogurt hawker

Jamie Lee Curtis

, who isn’t shy about digestion issues, and

Mad Men

silver fox

John Slattery

getting behind the wheel of a Lincoln, other celebs prefer to keep their anonymity (somewhat) intact. But if you listen closely during commercial breaks, you can often detect a familiar voice. Here are a few new hires:

Susan Sarandon

: The Oscar winner now is the voicebox for Disney Parks. Maybe she’s trying to nudge her newly engaged daughter

Eva Amurri

into making her a grandmother (fiancé is former pro soccer player

Kyle Martino).

: “Let the memories begin at the place where dreams come true.”

Jon Cryer

: Don’t cry for

The Two and a Half Men

star, whose show has been on permanent hiatus since

Charlie Sheen

’s public meltdown. The actor has now found lucrative work elsewhere (stars command at least $100,000 for a narration voiceover, say experts), informing customers that Wachovia has been taken over by Wells Fargo.


: “Together we’ll go far.’’

William R. Moses


The Secret Life of the American Teenager

star has a face for TV but the lungs for Aleve ads. His smooth voice is like a mini massage.

Slogan: “

Fewer pills for a day free of pain.’’

James Spader:

The longtime Acura spokesman is behind the spots for the car company’s new wheels. The camera pans over the sleek car while the

Boston Legal

star talks up its attributes. What’s with the explosions outside?


“It’s the official vehicle of the movie



Alan Arkin:


Sunshine Cleaning

star “plays’’ a crotchety, tangled mess of phone wires showcasing Comcast’s Xfinity service. We like this mascot way better than the Slowskys.


: None; he just kind of complains.

Madeleine Marr