Phil Keoghan’s ‘Amazing’ adventure

What an adventure for Phil Keoghan.

As host of CBS’s

The Amazing Race

, the man has definitely racked up some mileage. The New Zealand native, 43, even travels in his off time. In his documentary

The Rid

e, Keoghan chronicled his cross-country cycling trip throughout the U.S., spanning 3,500 miles in 40 days, to raise awareness for multiple sclerosis. You can ask him about his travels yourself when Keoghan visits Miami Friday to screen

The Ride

at Regal South Beach Cinema as well as attend a Saturday night party at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel for the 10th anniversary of the show; the final season finale airs May 8. He may even give a hint as to who the winner is.We talked to the L.A.-based married father of one (a daughter, 15) about how he has managed it all over 18 seasons:

For all your globetrotting on “The Amazing Race,” do you have any favorite memories?

You tend to remember the things that go wrong, rather than things that go right on perfect vacations. Like when you were at the hotel, and the hurricane hit, and you had to huddle together in the restaurant. But I will say having pizza at the bottom of the Sphinx in Egypt was up there.

Any travel nightmares?

At a pit stop in Zanzibar, we got absolutely hammered by mosquitoes. We were out in this field, no chairs, just a mat. We were getting bombarded; they were biting us through the material in our clothes.

Does jetting around ever get tiring?

Thankfully, I love to travel. If I didn’t, it would be really, really challenging. Sure, there are days where I wish I could take a break. But I’ve been very lucky. Though I will say getting held in Ukraine overnight for not having the right papers was tough. We’ve had major storms in Africa and seasickness in Hong Kong.

You must have quite the photo album.

Yes, and I have a huge number of video memories. It’s great that all my travel has been documented. I just finished archiving all my work going back 25 years. So you can imagine.

Did you ever think “Race” would strike such a chord with viewers?

There’s no way I would be able to tell you we’d be here today. The quality of production is very high. And I think the fact that we keep things fresh. It’s about new faces and new places. A lot of other shows have the ability to change the faces but not so much the places. It just continues to surprise wherever we go, whatever we do.

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