Talking to Josie Loren

ABC’s Make It Or Break It star and Miami native Josie Loren is keeping things brief lately.

The 24-year-old can be seen in indie film

With Me

, making its debut Saturday at the Arsht Center. The seven-minute short, about a young girl and her imaginary friends, was made by Miami director

Fro Rojas

and is closing out the Borscht Film Festival. We chatted with Loren on why she took the role, what she’s currently working on and what she hopes for the future.

What attracted you to playing Jayden?


With Me

was very different than being on a network show or feature film. I was looking forward to doing something where the pressure was off, and we were creating simply for the love of our art. I had more fun on this shoot than I have in a long time, and I’m proud of what we made.

What was shooting like?

It was only two days long, so it wasn’t a huge commitment. The crew consisted of about eight people. We worked long hours, so we all got very friendly very quickly, which made for a fun, comfortable work environment.

What are you hoping viewers will get out of it?

I hope they see me in a different light. Jayden is an introvert; kind of quirky, interesting and alternative. She is very different from any character I’ve ever played.

What’s happening on the new season of “Make It Or Break It?”

These new episodes are honestly my favorites. They tackle serious issues that I think many teenagers can relate to, and they contain many shocking turns and twists that are sure to entertain.

What are you currently working on these days aside from playing Kaylee Cruz?

I completed my college education at UCLA; I walk in June. Before guest starring on


, I guest starred on


and just wrapped up a guest star on

Drop Dead Diva.

I’ve recently gotten into cooking and enjoy taking advantage of the Los Angeles hiking trails and relaxing on the beautiful beaches.

Five years from now, where do you want to be?

I hope to have made the transition into feature films. TV is great, and I’d love to star in a sitcom, but delving more into character acting is my real passion. I want to have the opportunity to choose the projects that I want instead of praying that I’ll land another job. Even though I’ve had pretty steady work for the past five years, you always fear that the job you just completed will be your last.