Talking to the stars of ‘Prom’

Prom night! Everything is all right!

Yep, it’s the time of year for high schoolers to get all gussied up and act like they’re in the real world.Disney’s simply titled


, out Friday, tells the story of a pack of teens in the weeks leading up to the big night. They have a bigger issue than the corsage, limo and dress: the date. Getting one isn’t as easy as it looks. The movie stars

Friday Night Lights

Aimee Teegarden

as Nova, head of the prom committee, who has boy issues (the one she likes is clueless) and

Thomas McDonell

, as the rebel Jesse, complete with requisite long hair, sultry smile and motorcycle. His bad behavior lands him the punishment of helping Nova on the committee. Will they see eye to eye on flowers, decorations and punch?Southern California native Teegarden, who can also be seen in

Scream 4

, and native New Yorker McDonell visited The Miami Herald, along with Los Angeles-born costar

Janelle Ortiz

, who plays high school gossiper Ali.

Have any crazy prom stories?

I went to boarding school in Andover, Mass. We had our prom on a boat. It was part of controlling the student body, to keep track of all of us. We understood their method. They kept us out super late so everyone was totally exhausted and went right to sleep after we docked.


Not my prom, but my homecoming. My mom set me up. She pawned me off on this guy without asking me. Whatever. I met this kid and I was like, OK, I told him I had no intentions of having a romantic relationship. Well, right, he got extremely inappropriate. I freaked out and went to the bathroom and decided to come back and say I had sprained my ankle. I told him to go out there to optimize the night, but no, he stayed to massage my foot! It was really awkward and uncomfortable. I ended up leaving by myself.


Unlike my character, who is in charge of decorations, I just went with some friends, had a nice dinner beforehand. It was very relaxed, at the House of Blues.

What are you all working on? JO

: I’m working on some music right now.


I’ll play a young

Johnny Depp

as Barnabas Collins in

Dark Shadows

[based on the TV show]. I won’t get to meet him, but I’m a big fan. This one may bridge some moments in his career between big studio movies and independents. It’s kind of a campy soap opera. I want to say it’s more of a ghost story than a trendy vampire story.


: I am acting and producing in a [thriller] called

Beneath the Darkness


Dennis Quaid

as well as TV series called

Aim High

. I’m keeping busy!

What is the most fun about acting? TO

: I got to do some motorcycle training for my part in


. I’m happy I wasn’t playing the dorky class president. There was some snappy repartee and pretty classic backtalk.



Scream 4

was really great because I grew up watching the franchise. Being a part of it, with the plethora of knives and the iconic mask, was so surreal. As for

Friday Night Lights

, I think it’s something people can relate to; the way our family interacted was very realistic and sweet.

Madeleine Marr