Life, according to Maria Menounos

Don’t be jealous of Maria Menounos. She works hard to be fabulous. And the 32-year-old model, actress and TV correspondent wants you to succeed, too. Menounos’ book, The Every Girl’s Guide to Life, gives pointers on how to keep it all together — literally. There are even tips on cleaning out a closet.

She’ll answer all your questions this weekend at the Loews Miami Beach Hotel, which is having its annual Girlfriends Getaway bash. “It’s an A to Z guide for all women of all ages,’’ says the Massachusetts native. “Everything I do, from beauty tips to how I time-manage, eat, travel.’’ Menounos packs a lot into her schedule.

She juggles gigs on Access Hollywood and the Today show with acting and commercials. “One day I’m in Afghanistan, then I’m at the Oscars, then I’m in the weeds covering the fires in California,’’ she says. “I work seven days a week, 20 hours a day. My life is very extreme.’’ Also extreme was her weight loss soon after graduating Emerson College. Having packed on pounds from a “dorm diet,” the onetime Miss Massachusetts slimmed down from a size 14 to a size 4, losing roughly 40 pounds. “I used to have a horrible fast food diet,’’ Menounos recounts. “I was in and out of the hospital because I wasn’t eating right.’’ These days, you won’t catch her ordering in greasy takeout or pulling into the drivethrough. Her meals are carefully planned out. “We can’t control that many things in life, but we can control what we eat. The second you clean up your diet, you feel like a million bucks.’’