Victoria’s Secret model Lindsay Ellingson a down-to-earth angel

Victoria’s Secret angel Lindsay Ellingson has a devilish side. “I’m a Scorpio, so I can be mischievous at times.”

Despite her playful ways, the 24-year old model knows how to keep her wings intact. Well, almost. “At the last Victoria’s Secret runway show, I had on wings made of hay,” Ellingson said via telephone from her New York City home. “It was my first time [wearing wings], and backstage I kept poking and scratching things. A security guard had to come help me walk around.” Before her angelic gig, Ellingson walked the catwalk for fashion designers

Christian Dior, Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs



Valentino took such a liking to her that he asked the blond beauty to be featured in his last couture show before his 2008 fashion farewell. “What I love about [Valentino] is that he chooses his favorite models and sticks with them,” she said of her four-year stint with the Italian fashion designer. “It doesn’t matter if you’re a top model or not.”Perhaps Ellingson’s biggest fan is her family, especially her mom. “Whenever she’s in a Victoria’s Secret store and sees my picture, she tells everyone ‘That’s my daughter!’ ” Proud mama goes so far as to “take out her cell phone to prove it.”Now a full-time resident of the East Coast, Ellingson, who is also the new face of Clarins, lives a down-to-earth lifestyle. “I love doing yoga and hip-hop [dance] classes” and “hanging out with my friends at restaurants or clubs. New York is full of things to do.”

Micaela Hood