Good vibrations on the beach

Call it a meeting of the vocal chords. Songstress Gloria Gaynor, best known for her chart topping I Will Survive, was in town recently with the Beach Boys (who got a little bongos backup from John Stamos) for the Sounding Off For a Cure benefit concert at the Fillmore.

We talked with Gaynor, as well BBs

Mike Love


Bruce Johnston


What are you up to nowadays? GG:

I’m in college. I’m studying online at Walden University studying psychology. I want to open up a healing, learning and recreational center for teen parents.

After so many years, why do you think “I Will Survive” is popular and do you ever get tired of singing it?

I never get tired of singing it because it’s a positive song. I wish I had written it. It’s still popular because people are always having problems and it gives them strength and encourages them.

We know “Survive’’ is Gloria’s favorite song. What about you guys? ML: Good Vibrations

is so unique. It blew my mind the first time I heard it — I don’t know what my cousin

Brian [Wilson]

was up to. I wrote the words for it. I still think it stands alone.


Yes, it kind of has its own solar system now. I also like

Warmth of the Sun

, a song we hardly do. But it’s a beautiful ballad.

How does it feel to still be playing after all these years? ML:

It still beats being on the other side of the grass. It beats a real job!


Yeah, like being a mechanic on our jet!

What sets apart the Beach Boys’ sound? ML

: Harmony is the distinguishing characteristic. That’s thanks to Brian. He’s a master of chords and harmonies and became obsessed with a ’50s band called The Four Freshmen. We liked the doo-wop groups and the Everly Brothers, but these guys had a whole new modern sound that we got deeply into.

If you had one piece of advice for your fans, what would it be? GG:

The most important thing you can do is seek the truth and surrender to it.

Annie Vazquez and Madeleine Marr