Jersey Shore cast must chill out in Italy

Florence, Italy, is no Miami Beach.

The city’s

Mayor Matteo Renzi

is laying down the law for

Jersey Shore

castmates, who will soon start filming Season 4 over there.No hardcore partying, public drunkenness or passing out in garbage cans. Are you listening,


?According to Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera (The Evening Courier), the cast will be forbidden to film in bars and can’t be shot drinking in public. In other words: Behave!They should have gone to Ibiza.

‘Family’ affairs Diane Lane

, reality star? Sort of. The actress stars in HBO’s

Cinema Verite

(9 p.m. Saturday), based on TV’s first reality series, 1973’s

An American Family

on PBS. Cameras followed around the Santa Barbara, Calif, couple the Louds and their five kids. Over the course of 12 episodes, the couple divorced, and their son came out. It was drama central and started a wave that has now taken over the tube.As for Lane, she doesn’t watch reality TV at all, for a reason. “Ever since Diana and Dodi, who was a friend of the family….I see that same insatiability and voyeurism there,’’ she told New York magazine.

You’ve been warned

Yet more reality: Remind yourself to watch this show, or not.VH1 is at it again, gathering up some of the biggest D-listers around. Due this fall,

Famous Food

stars the likes of former



Heidi Montag


Eliot Spitzer

call girl

Ashley Dupre


Real Housewives of New Jersey


Danielle Staub


The Bachelor Jake Pavelka.

Their mission? To start up an L.A. restaurant.Would


eat there?

Big talker

Loose lips sink ships, and loose fingers get you sacked.Actress

Nicole Crowther

, an extra on


, was fired after Tweeting an upcoming storyline, naming who would be prom king and queen.Don’t they all sign confidentiality agreements?



The baby train Ethan Hawke

is going to be a daddy again.Us Weekly reports the actor’s wife

Ryan Shawhughes

is pregnant with the couple’s second child.Hawke, 40, has two kids with ex

Uma Thurman

. Shawhughes used to be their nanny so she’s gotta be good with kids.