Cool off with DJ Joe Dert

With summer fast approaching, celeb DJ Joe Dert has some ideas on how to beat the heat. Stick close to the beach — Nikki Beach, that is.

Every Sunday night, Dert, a South Beach staple on the party circuit for more than six years, spins at the trendy oceanfront hotspot.His music mash-ups, a combo of rock, house and hop, have landed him gigs at Set, Rokbar, Wall at the W Hotel, The Gansevoort and LIV. His unique sound has caught attention from such stars as

Diddy, Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Mark Wahlberg


Jessica Alba.

In the clubs, he prides himself on “rocking the crowd,” a trick he learned back in the day. As a drummer with the rock band


, he toured with




. “The crowds were really tough,” he recalls. “I usually play with my eyes closed, and one night we were playing in Vancouver, and something knocked me straight on my head.”In the midst of recording new music Endo split up. Luckily, he wasn’t without work for too long. “A friend of mine told me about this new club that wanted somebody who knew about rock music.” The club, Automatic Slims, became his second home. “I’m self taught,” he says of his craft. “I took it serious from the beginning. Never did I want to be one of those jukebox DJs.”As his popularity soared so did his taste in music. “The last thing I thought I would be spinning was house music.”But like the party scene, it’s grown on him. He’s currently “working on a three-disc mash up” and house record. “I’ll play it for some of my buddies like

Cedric Gervais

first, and then release it digitally.” He also plans to reunite with some of his rock buddies and return to the stage. “I’ll always be a drummer at heart.”

DJ Joe Dert spins 1 to 5 a.m. Sundays at One Ocean Dr., Miami Beach.
Micaela Hood