Chatting with Kate's 'mum'

Leave it to the romance-heavy Lifetime Movie Network to feed our appetites for all things royal wedding. At 9 p.m. Monday, blue-blood watchers can see the love story between Prince William (Nico Evers-Swindell) and his bride-to-be, Kate Middleton (Camilla Luddington), unfold in William & Kate. We caught up with the British actress who plays Kate’s mother Carole, Serena Scott Thomas (younger sister of Kristin Scott Thomas), from her home in Los Angeles.

Thomas has the right pedigree for the part: she starred in TV’s Princess Diana: Her True Story in 1993.

What was the movie like to shoot? We filmed in Los Angeles, made to look like England, which is hilarious. They threw in some double-decker buses, a telephone box and hosed down the streets to make it, of course, look like it rained. There is a scene where Kate and I are being chased by paparazzi, and it’s actually Pasadena!

How big a role did Kate’s mother play in their relationship? I give her a lot of advice. After William breaks up with her, and she’s crying in bed I think I told her what any mother would so she would feel good about herself and make her get out there again. We’ve all been there at some points in our lives. Their romance happened naturally as it should with an occasional hiccup in the middle.

Is Kate accepted even though she is a commoner? Oh, yes. She’s gorgeous, ladylike, approachable and gracious with a lovely smile. There’s always going to be people who are going to be nasty that she didn’t come from the kind of family a prince would marry. I think it’s rather wonderful. It shows William is a good person and doesn’t care about those things.

The wedding is April 29, designated a bank holiday. How huge an event will this be? I don’t think one really has a sense of how popular they are or how the popular the story truly is until you are over there. It’s important for the British people to have happy news and something to look forward to. It was too sad and too horrible when Diana died. She was such an incredible person and really was a guiding light. I think they are looking for Kate to fill her shoes somewhat.