The Village People are here!

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA time. The Village People are still out there, entertaining in the crazy costumes. We caught up with the cowboy ( Jeff Olson) before the group’s performance at the Miami Children’s Museum Be A Kid Again Gala Saturday night.

You’ve had some fun opening acts. Who have been some of your favorites?

We’ve had many over the years … .one of the most memorable was a group that called themselves the Moscow Cowboys in Scandinavia somewhere. They were a cross between the big-hair bands of the ’80s and white versions of Bootsy Collins.

What is one of your most memorable shows?

Sydney Stadium back in the early ’90s. We were the entertainment for Australia’s Rugby Final: 48,000, very hyped up Australians cheering at the top of their lungs…it was almost scary.

How much has your look changed? How many costumes do you all own?

We really haven’t changed much with the one exception of our attempt at the “New Renaissance” look back in 1981. It was a total change from the original look…complete with lots of face makeup and bizarre costumes few could relate to…needless to say it was short lived. We do have lots of costumes because they constantly get worn out and have to be replaced, updated and given to the Hard Rocks around the world.

Madeleine Marr