‘Chicken’ was the way to Howard Stern’s heart

Beth Ostrosky may have a magazine to thank for her nuptials with Howard Stern.

Back in 2007, when the model/actress wanted to push things along with her longtime boyfriend, she ripped a page out of female bible Glamour and got to work.The recipe was for something called “Engagement Chicken,’’ a simple roasted bird with lemon and herbs that seems to cast a spell on every man who eats it. After a few bites, he’ll pop the question, says Glamour editor

Cindi Leive

, who penned the appropriately titled book

Engagement Chicken: 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know

(Advance, $24.99) .“The very first time we ever published it, Beth saw it and decided to cook it for him,’’ recounts Leive from her New York office. “Of course she ripped off the title so he wouldn’t know what she was up to.’’The plan worked. Sort of.The next day the shock jock told his listeners about the amazing dish and one of his show’s callers spilled the beans, saying the recipe was in Glamour and told him what it was called. Stern immediately called Ostrosky on air to rat her out. Laughs all around, but we know how the story ends — they’re married now.Already hitched? Don’t care about walking down the aisle? The cookbook “for any woman who wants to stir the pot in the kitchen, in love and in life’’ also has a ton of other things you can cook up, not just ways to a man’s heart.Page 67 describes the “Forget the Mistake You Made at Work Margarita,’’ with fresh watermelon. “We’ve all been there,’’ says Leive, 44. “It’s for those evenings you need to forget your eight hours and sometimes only tequila will really deliver.’’Plus, “watermelon’s all purpose. It puts you in a great mood.’’Speaking of festive, some recipes work especially well for South Floridians. Some personal favorites for Leive, who is a married mother of two: Bikini Season Baked Salmon, with lemon, white wine and capers; Beach House Grilled Shrimp, with fresh corn, tomatoes and basil; and Skinny Jean Scallops, with olives and oregano.“It’s April, and here in the Northeast, we’re still all under 27 layers of clothes,’’ she moans. “But these dishes can help you think of clothes starting to come off — like you lucky guys down there.’’