Feet come first for comic

Let’s put priorities in place: Tommy Davidson likes to pamper his tootsies. That’s why the comedian, 47, loves doing shows in Miami. “I want to marinate – I am gonna do some relaxin’ and get a pedicure,’’ he says from his L.A. home. “Coz after that, instead of putting on my shoes and socks and get going, I get my flip-flops on and have my feet out there for two days.’’

Davidson’s first foray into manscaping – at a salon in New York – was an experience to remember. Or forget.

“I was scared. I didn’t want anyone to see my feet,’’ he recalls. “But I looked down at all the women and said, ‘Man I have no problem here.’ Their feet looked like they could just grab a salmon out of the stream. I’m not lying. They had toes looking like pretzels. I was like, what the heck?!’’ Besides a paraffin wax, Tommy has other plans – downing some locally made coffee to get hyped up for his six sets at the Miami Improv in Coconut Grove Thursday through Sunday.

“Cubans know about their espresso,’’ he says. “It’s like turbo crude oil. That stuff’ll kill you, man.’’