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We brag to all our Northern friends about how we live in a subtropical climate, but South Floridians do have one major disadvantage: Constant bombardment from sunshine. We know, we know, it’s boring to hear how important sunscreen is, but hey, you gotta love the skin you’re in. A current favorite is Aveeno’s Hydrosport because it’s ultra waterproof, meaning it adheres to damp skin (be it sweat, pool or ocean) and stays put after the sun goes down. Comes in an easy-to-spritz spray up to SPF 85 (yes).

Sister Sister


Tia Mowry

slaps it on. Neutrogena,

Jennifer Garner

’s brand, also launched a similar concept in sunscreen, Wet Skin. Towel optional.


Spring officially sprang forth March 20. To get prepped for what is sure to be a hot season, we’re looking into some new cocktail recipes. The makers of frisky-sounding X Rated Fusion Liqueur (a blend of French vodka, blood oranges, mangoes and passion fruit) had a few that could do the trick. We’re leaning toward the Pink Parade, which is just as pretty as it is tasty. DIY for Easter brunch: It’s 2 ounces of X Rated with a splash of lemon-lime or club soda and lots of ice. It’s what

Gabrielle Union

sipped on during her birthday party at The Florida Room. Not sure what BF

Dwyane Wade

’s drinks.

Robert Redford

is back. Well, not really, he’s behind the camera. The director of

A River Runs Through It

, 74, brings us this historical drama of the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination April 15, 1865.

James McAvoy


The Last King of Scotland

) plays a lawyer defending

Robin Wright Penn

, a Southerner who ran the boarding house where John Wilkes Booth and co. hatched the plan. The trailer looks intriguing, especially the chilling scene at the infamous Ford’s Theatre.


Come together right now … for

Ringo Starr

’s cause. The former Beatle has designed a “Peace, Love’’ T-shirt for Hard Rocks everywhere with proceeds going to Make-A-Wish Foundation. The iconic musician recently made a wish come true for

Alexx Kipp

, 17-year-old cancer survivor from Virginia, presenting him with a tricked-out drum kit. The MAW cause is near to Starr, who was hospitalized with TB when he was 13. “You think of the families,’’ he told The LA Times. “I’ve got children, too, and it’s got to be hard.’’ The Signature Edition 28 T, $26-$28, is at and all HR shops.