Shark men star Chris Fischer

Had a tough day at the office? Just think about Chris Fischer. His coworkers are a bunch of great whites.

Hes the host of season 2s National Geographic Televisions

Shark Me

n.The series follows the Kentucky native aboard the research vessel, The Ocean. He and his crew study the mysterious predator its migration patterns, breeding and feeding cycles and overall development. This means having to catch the toothy creatures, lift them out of the water, examine their massive bodies and tag the dorsal fins. Thats a lot of contact.Believe it or not, no one has been bitten during the filming of

Shark Men

.Were working within a foot of a sharks mouth so there are have been some near-misses, admits Fischer, 42, who lives in Park City, Utah. But everyone still has 10 fingers and 10 toes.The big hazard has been brushing against the razor sharp skin.It can remove the skin right off your leg, says the father of two. Its like 80 grit sandpaper. A lot of guys have been dealing with radical infections that take up to three cycles of antibiotics to get rid of.So, cmon, how scary a job is this? I never get afraid because I have so much respect for them, says Fischer.The rush he gets is not the thrill-seeking one you get from nabbing, say, a giant marlin. Its highly stressful and draining, continues the former fisherman. When it takes the first bite of the hook, the power is overwhelming.Fischer thinks his show will help assuage peoples fears. Enjoy the ocean, he says. Youre more likely to get killed driving to the beach than to get bitten by a shark.


Shark Men

premieres 9 p.m. Sunday.