Barry Williams a bunch of fun

Wanna meet Greg Brady in the flesh? Sorry, we mean Barry Williams. No worries, the actor gets it. But there’s so much more to him now – he’s an author, singer and performer and he likes to meet his fans. Williams will be at at Seminole Casino Hollywood, across the street from Seminole Hard Rock for a meet and greet and trivia game, plus other stuff on Saturday. We caught up with him before his visit down south:

Will you be singing or rapping?

I put out a song (with Eminem’s okay) entitled THE REAL GREG BRADY which is a parody of the REAL SLIM SHADY. Not planning to perform but, hey I could riff on a few verses!

You’ll be at a casino. Are you a gambling man at all?

Absolutely! There is nothing better than taking home money you didn’t earn. I call it funny money. I love Black Jack and roulette but may try my hand at craps this weekend.

What is on your Ipod right now?

Black Eyed Peas, my buddy Justin Timberlake, John Mayer to name a few.

Do you keep in touch w/your fellow Brady Bunch cast members?

I keep in touch with them all. I recently appeared on a segment with my TV Mom Florence on Dancing With The Stars, I see Chris Knight often as I do Mike Lookinland and Susan Olsen. Coming up in May I will be with Eve Plumb as I make a cameo in her play on Broadway. We keep in touch and are all still very close.

We hear you are doing a Bigfoot movie – can you tell us a little about that project?

It’s in the early development stages, there isn’t even a script yet, but I know that my co-star Danny Bonaduce and I will have a great time and make a fun movie as long as I get to win this time (as opposed to what happened during our bout on Celeb Boxing)

What other news do you have going on?

I am going to Australia in the Fall, I just got back from doing eight weeks in Maui, I just shot a new infomercial for Time Life for The Heart of Classic Rock. I am looking forward to performing my show on the Princess Cruise up the West Coast of Africa over the next couple of weeks

You can’t help but see the news of child stars hitting problems. What is the best piece of advice you could give them to stay stable?

Surround yourself with good people, stay busy and put your time and energy in your work. It’s helpful to have goals and avoid drugs. What do fans say when they see you? usually…”What ever happened to TIGER?” or what did you really do with your TV MOM and TV SISTER?

Do you think TV has lost its innocence since the 70s? Has the Internet changed all that?

TV never really was all that innocent; we just pretended