Harry Connick Jr's sweet songs

Harry Connick Jr is the king of having the best of both worlds. The musician can seamlessly put on his actor hat whenever the fancy strikes him – or whenever his agent has a really good script. “I like the fact that I can do different stuff,’’ says Connick, from a Tallahassee stop on his tour. “I’ve always been like that – with different irons in the fire.’’ Connick will play his role of singing sensation Saturday night at Mizner Park Ampitheatre in Boca Raton.

Fans can expect the unexpected and stuff from his new album, Your Songs, reimaginings of classics like All The Way, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face and, yes, Elton John’s Your Song. “No one show I ever do is the same because we have so much music to pull from,’’ says the hip meets old school jazz singer, 43. “I just make sure I’m on stage at 8, then give the best performance I can give.’’ You’ll no doubt hear tunes from his favorite city and birthplace, New Orleans. Though Connick now lives in Connecticut and NYC, the Big Easy is always in his thoughts. “I go down a few times a year,’’ says the married father of three daughters (wife is model Jill Goodacre).

“It’s coming along great. It’s better than that – it’s booming.’’ Connick is pleasantly surprised at the way the city has been able to come back from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. “The recovery has been really quick,’’ he marvels. “The people of New Orleans are very committed and have a great will.’’ Next up for Connick – two family movies. A Dolphin Tale follows Winter, a dolphin in Florida’s Clearwater Marine Aquarium that has a prosthetic tail. Then Connick gets into the Christmas spirit – or not – in When Angels Sing. He plays a dad who can’t get excited about the holidays because he experienced tragedy as a child. “It’s a really sweet soulful story about figuring out who you are,’’ he explains. Sounds like Connick has it all figured out.