Elsa Pataky in the Fast lane

It’s not easy keeping up with today’s hottest action stars The Rock and Vin Diesel, but Elsa Pataky is holding her own in the latest Fast & The Furious movie, Fast Five, out April 29. The Spanish model turned actress, 34, plays Elena Neves, a tough federal agent who teams up with Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) to chase down street racer Dominic (Diesel) and his quick-moving crew. Paul Walker is again along for the ride. Pataky, who is on Ocean Drive’s April cover and parties with fans at LIV at the Fontainebleau Wednesday night, talked to us about the experience and other stuff.

What was it like working on Fast Five? I had to train hard for two weeks with a SWAT team before we started shooting. I had to learn how to use a gun properly, how to shoot from a car and enter a building with a team of armed officers and rescue somebody. We had to learn all the techniques. I felt and looked like a police officer.

How was working with such buff costars? Well, obviously Dwayne and Vin are both pretty big men and they can look like really big tough guys. They worked out every day – a lot. Aside from that, they are wonderful and easy to work with. It was so fun sharing stories and laughs with them. I really love them.

What attracted you to the role? Elena is an honest, strong and courageous woman. She knows what she wants and will never give up until she gets it. I was always taught that in life you have to be willing to fight for the things you want and work hard.