The week that was

FOXY BROWN: The temperamental rapper reportedly caused waves on radio host Tom Joyner’s annual Fantastic Voyage cruise, after a mixup over a manicure appointment. Talk about high-seas maintenance.

KEVIN FEDERLINE: Britney Spears’ ex announced that his girlfriend Victoria Prince is expecting his fifth child. K-Fed, it’s called birth control – try it once in a while. ENRIQUE IGLESIAS: The pop star pulled out of doing a tour with Britney. He didn’t think he’d like it. THE KARDASHIANS: Kris Jenner told Redbook mag her three daughters work “25 hours a day.’’ They have cameras roll while they’re sleeping? “MAD MEN:’’ The AMC show has been delayed because of budget disputes. I started a website, Feel free to join the petition. REESE WITHERSPOON: The newlywed said her Water for Elephants costar Robert Pattinson was dirty, as in non-hygienic. Twilight fans everywhere stopped showering in protest. KATIE HOLMES: The Kennedys star is embarrassed that daughter Suri was photographed eating Gummies in the shape of a certain part of male anatomy. If I were Katie, I’d be more worried about Mission Impossible: 4. PRINCE WILLIAM: The Palace announced the heir to the throne decided not to wear a wedding ring. It’s not like the entire world won’t know he’s married. ANGELINA JOLIE: The actress is the subject of a comic-book biography. For the real saga of her life, just read Betty and Veronica. SYLVESTER STALLONE: The action star is going to debut a fashion line. All clothes come with enclosed sweat packets.