Star Jones, she’s a lady

Star Jones isn’t letting a little thing like a public spat with Nene Leakes rattle her. The TV personality and current Celebrity Apprentice contestant is, like always, calm, professional, focused. An example of her laser-like focus is Satan’s Sisters (Gallery Books), a “novel work of fiction’’ about what goes on behind closed doors at a daytime talk show. The former View co-host, 49, wrote the book while recuperating from open heart surgery to treat a thoracic tumor last year. “I was just exhausted,’’ Jones says of the post-op period.

“But my mind was sharp as a tack. I got my research notes and went to town.’’ Writing the book was one of the only things that kept her sane. While undergoing cardiac therapy, she couldn’t stay awake for more than four hours or drive because if someone hit her the air bag would crush her chest. “My life had become the lore of soap operaville,’’ she recalls. “I either had a choice of laughing through it or putting those covers over my head and dying. I chose the latter rather than the former.’’ Yes, Satan’s Sisters is a novel, but the onetime prosecutor speaks from experience. “Every single character was inspired by or based on someone I had worked with worked for interviewed or prosecuted,’’ explains the North Carolina native. “If you think of my career, I’ve had the privilege to speak to some of the most prominent personalities in the world for the last 20 some odd years. It’s a great wealth of characters to pull from.’’

True to the old adage, write what you know. “I’m a TV insider,’’ she deadpans. “I’d look silly writing a book about war or nuclear holocaust.’’