The week that was in celebrity news

CHRIS BROWN: After smashing a window in a rage at the Good Morning America studios, the singer’s publicist quit. It’s OK — Charlie Sheen’s flak is available.

LADY GAGA: In an interview with Google, the singing superstar said she’d never do reality TV. Could she at least give fashion tips to some of The Real Housewives of Miami? LINDSAY LOHAN: From now on, the actress would like to be called just “Lindsay,’’ aka the Artist Currently Known as A Train Wreck. MICHAEL LOHAN: Lindsay’s father was charged with misdemeanor domestic violence for an alleged assault on his girlfriend, Kate Majors. No wonder Linds wants to drop the last name. “THE JERSEY SHORE:” The Garden State castmates said “See ya!’’ to season 3. Let’s all take a moment of silence. JA RULE: The rapper/actor pled guilty to tax evasion. He likes to play by his own “rules’’ when it comes to Uncle Sam. NIKI TAYLOR: The supermodel chose to leave Celebrity Apprentice rather than throw her fellow contestants under the bus. Doesn’t she know class and grace have no place on a reality show? GEORGE LOPEZ: The television host compared Kirstie Alley’s performance on Dancing with the Stars to a pig’s. For revenge, she came on his show and broke his chair. RALPH MACCHIO: Looking like a million bucks, the 49-year-old former Karate Kid topped the leaderboard on DWTS. Forget Botox; I’ll have what he’s having. ELIZABETH TAYLOR: The screen legend’s last request: to have her funeral start 15 minutes late. No one minded the wait.