Jenni Rivera: not easily offended

Like most reality stars, Jenni Rivera makes no apologies for her behavior on camera.

The Mexican singer and mom of five is the star of I Love Jenni, mun2’s Latina version of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. We chatted with the Grammy nominee about her show, her music and why she doesn’t read gossip mags. Were you nervous to do your own reality show?“I was actually a bit hesitant because it means more work for me! But now I’m glad I agreed to doing it.” How did you get the nickname La Diva de La Banda? (Rivera is known for her work in the banda and norteño music genres.)“My fans have always called me by different names. La diva de La banda just happened to stick when the media found out and began publishing it in their media reports.” You recently worked with Mexican actor Edward James Olmos. What was that like?“It was an honor. Knowing that he believed in me enough to invite me to participate in a movie his son is producing means a great deal. I am blessed to be able to say that in my first movie ever I was able to work on the same set as Edward James Olmos and Lou Diamond Phillips.” What do you love most about having your own show?“There are many funny anecdotes that we now treasure and that have happened while filming the reality show. We are a pretty silly family, beginning with me. But what I treasure most, more than the funny scenes, is being able to be on this adventure with my children and loved ones. I usually work alone in my endeavors, so it means a lot that they are participating with me.” What’s life like when the cameras stop rolling?“I am working on my new album Homenaje a Las Grandes during weekdays; on weekends, I continue to tour. My performing tours are continuous, nonstop, all year. And when the cameras are off everything is just like it is when they are on. Crazy, busy, fun . . . with huge amounts of love in a family that is actually pretty normal.” Are you offended by what the tabloids say?“I don’t spend my money on tabloid magazines. What they say doesn’t interest me. I’d rather spend that money on donating to charity. One of the reasons that I agreed to do the reality show was because I wanted my public and viewers to see me as I am, not from what they hear in the media.” Micaela Hood