David Allen Grier talks Obama, “DWTS”

The ’90s were arguably good years for actor and comedian David Alan Grier. The Yale Drama School grad had already established a Broadway career playing Jackie Robinson in The First and starring in Dreamgirls, but on the cult sketch comedy show In Living Color, Grier finger-snapped his way to fame. Who could forget his turns as flamboyant film critic Antoine Merriweather and washed-up blues “great” Calhoun Tubbs?

These days, Grier is pure gadfly. When his Dancing With the Stars run came to an abrupt end in 2009, he let loose on the judges in a vitriol-filled rant that made for viral-video gold. And his Twitter feed is a running commentary of insult jokes that spares no one, from Charlie Sheen to Broadway’s Julie Taymor to Anthony Bourdain.Before his two nights of stand-up at the Lansburgh Theatre in D.C., Grier was down for a game of Mad Libs about his life, his book , Barack Like Me, and his Dancing stint. Just what will come out of the former Chocolate News host’s mouth is anybody’s guess. Here’s a sample :1. Most fans don’t know: I’m a gourmand2. The part of my body that got the biggest workout on Dancing With the Stars was: My ego.3 The one chapter of my book, “Barack Like Me,” that people always want to talk about is: How I tried to join the Black Panthers at 15. But I’d much rather talk about: My record collection.4. Right now I’m working on: Getting my daughter to fall asleep.5. If I could interview Charlie Sheen on Chocolate News, I definitely would ask him: About the absence of African American goddesses in his stable.6. The accomplishments I’m most proud of are: I woke up this morning and made it till sundown.7. If I were to abridge the story of David Alan Grier into one Tweet, it would go a little something like this: This is a task better left for others to do. 8. If, in a hypothetical world, the 2012 presidential election were down to Newt Gingrich, Lady Gaga, Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Justin Bieber I’d choose: Barack Obama because there are no other viable candidates.