Kiss them, they’re Irish

This St. Patrick’s Day we’ve complied a list of our fave Irish hunks. No blarney — our Irish eyes are smiling when we daydream about these hotties.

Colin Farrell: Perhaps Ireland’s finest export. Colin’s got everything: Good looks, sexy attitude and a mysteriousness we’d like to uncover. We’re even accepting of his bad-boy antics and naughty X-rated tape. Liam Neeson: In a recent poll conducted by, Neeson was named the top person of whom Irish Americans are proud. Makes sense. Strong and sensitive, he’s got our heart on a string. Pierce Brosnan: He’s suave, sophisticated and smart. No wonder he was chosen to play James Bond. Jonathan Rhys Meyers: In Match Point his evil ways were surprisingly attractive. On The Tudors, he makes a villain look good. How can we hate someone so beautiful? Stuart Townsend: The luck of the Irish is with this cutie. What was Charlize Theron thinking when she let him go? Bono: Is it his generous spirit or booming voice that turns us on? Probably a little of both. Micaela Hood