The week that was

BIlL GATES: The Microsoft magnate is no longer the richest person in the world because he gave away billions to charity. So don’t think of hitting him up for a loan.

ASHLEY OLSEN: The former Full House star split up with Justin Bartha. He took her to too many all-you-can-eat buffets. PHIL COLLINS: The British musician announced his retirement. His statement to press read: “Hello, I think I must be going.’’ MICHAELE SALAHI: The Real Housewives of DC star was kicked out of Celebrity Rehab. Don’t worry; she’ll find her way back in somehow. KATE GOSSELIN: The Kate Plus 8 star demanded a police escort at an airport in Tennessee. Correction: you are not Kate Middleton. LINDSAY LOHAN: The actress was pulled over for running a stop sign hours after she left her grand-theft hearing. That she still has a license is the eighth wonder of the world. MARTHA STEWART: The domestic doyenne is a grandmother after her daughter had a baby girl via surrogate. This kid is set for life on the baby blanket front. JULIANNE MOORE: The actress is set to play Sarah Palin in HBO’s Game Change, about the 2008 election. Let’s hope she doesn’t bring any of her Boogie Nights character to the role. CHRISTINA AGUILERA: The troubled singer is releasing a new perfume. It smells a little like Jack Daniels. CHARLIE SHEEN: A stalker tried to break into the crazed actor’s property. The warlock in residence broke out his machete on the troll and spilled some tiger’s blood.