Interview with Ramon Rodriguez

Ramon Rodriguez is ready for his Hollywood ride.

If you catch the man of many talents in Battle: Los Angeles, he’s 2nd Lt. William Martinez, the dead-serious head of a Marine platoon warding off aliens. But right after his war garb came off, the 31-year-old self proclaimed Nuyorican got a call that would change the direction of his career.“My agent says, ‘ Drew Barrymore wants to talk to you,’ ’’ he recalled from the Loews Miami Beach Hotel. “She said, ‘I saw your reel, and I love that you can be funny and dramatic. You have that balance.’ ’’ Barrymore, executive producer of ABC’s revamped Charlie’s Angels TV show, saw the Transformers hunk as the perfect fit to play Bosley, speakerphone boss Charlie’s right-hand man. (Spoiler alert: Charlie’s voice is rumored to be Robert Wagner’s).Rodriguez isn’t handling the character like the late David Doyle, though. He’s a revamped version – young, tech-savvy, handsome, a great dresser and a bit of a playboy.“I based him on [legendary Dominican jetsetter] Porfirio Rubirosa,’’ explained Rodriguez. “He was with a lot of women, but he treated each one like a queen.’’ Rodriguez had one requirement. “I asked Drew, ‘Do I get to kick ass?’ and she said, ‘Absolutely! We want to bring this back with a bang,’ ’’ said Rodriguez, who was raised by four women, his mom and three sisters. “But I get to be protective, too. He’s like a mother-hen figure. He’ll do anything for the Angels.’’Rodriguez, who has also starred in The Taking of Pelham 1,2, 3, is having a fantastic time down here, shooting on “sick locations’’ — the beach, a yacht and mansion. “I get to play with Charlie’s toys and his money.’’A major shift from slumming it in grime for Battle: Los Angeles.“Martinez is making these crazy, really tough war decisions,’’ said Rodriguez of the character. “He’s trained, prepared, first of his class and wants to see action. But the pressure and responsibility immediately get to him when he has to make the calls.’’ But, ultimately, Martinez emerges as one of the film’s major heroes.“I’d like to think I would do what he does in a real situation.’’ Madeleine Marr