Todd Bridges speaks out on Charlie Sheen

Todd Bridges has been where Charlie Sheen is, and the former child star says it’s not a good place.

“Charlie’s in crisis,” said the former Diff’rent Strokes star, 45. “He’s an addict; he’s got a serious problem.”Bridges can relate. In his Touchstone book, Killing Willis (named after his character on the hit ’70s show), he describes a raging addiction to crack cocaine as well as other substances. But that’s all past now. He is celebrating 18 years of sobriety and duly proud.“Instead of looking at the train wrecks why not look at people who came out of it like myself? Many others have done it, too. I am happy now, have a great family and am helping people,” said Willis, who is married with two children. “If we would look away, Charlie might just stop. We’re enabling him — we’re giving him the floor.’’Bridges wants to reach out to Sheen is his role as an alcohol and drug counselor for ICDC College in Los Angeles. And he’s worried that if the former Two and a Half Men star doesn’t slow down, he’ll end up like old Strokes castmate Dana Plato, who overdosed in 1999 at age 34. “Not only does Charlie look bad, but he’s saying dangerous things like it’s OK to use crack socially,’’ said Bridges, who appears as a commentator for truTv’s World’s Dumbest Criminals. “That’s insane — crack is not a social drug!”What is to become of him? “He’s on a bender right now, in my opinion,” said Bridges. “And the typical response is to get manic or depressed. But he’s not going to get depressed!. He can afford to go out and get a Lamborghini that will make him happy in the short term.” And what will happen to his CBS show?“They could either do stunt casting — replace him with someone similarly self destructive — or give another guy a shot who’s genuinely funny,” Bridges said, adding. “I’m available!’’On Thursday, Sheen, 45, filed a $100 million dollar lawsuit against Chuck Lorre and Warner Brothers for breach of contract. The papers indicate he’s not only demanding payment for nixed episodes but also seeking damages on behalf of the show’s crew.“Fastball; Torpedo away … You corporate Trolls were warned,” Sheen tweeted. “And now you’ve been served!” MADELEINE MARR Killing Willis is $14.99 and now out in paperback.