Internet claps back at guy who yelled ‘Trump!’ in viral Starbucks video

Starbucks Trump man takes over the internet.
Starbucks Trump man takes over the internet. TNS

So on Wednesday this happened in a Coral Gables Starbucks:

The Miami Herald wrote all about it. Turns out David Sanguesa, who has a history of being mad at the world (and Miami Herald employees), felt like he was getting sidelined on his coffee order by the Starbucks barista who could sense his affiliation with Donald Trump and wanted to make him suffer. He cried foul at the female employee: “Cause I voted for Trump. Trump. You lost, now give me my money back. You’re garbage. You’re complete trash!” 

These are obviously tense times, but nothing brings people together like a good Florida Man story so Redditors posted it to a Florida Man thread, obviously, and what followed is non-partisan exploration of our political climate, mental health and nonsense. 

Here is a look at the issues Redditors and Facebookers discussed:

Concern for his mental state, including a diagnosis from your abuela.


“Trump!” is the new “Thanks Obama!”


It’s also the latest hex added to “The Complete Encyclopedia of Wizarding Charms, Hexes, Jinxes, and Spells.”


The Grammar Police were in full force (but not the Spelling Police).


Competitors gloated.


People understand what economic woes are all about.


Suggestions for the Trump administration.


Then someone started in on Florida drivers, which is just unfair.


There was conjecture that the barista was put on administrative leave after the incident.