Lucie Arnaz to pay homage to her father Desi Arnaz

The rhythm is gonna get you. Lucie Arnaz is bringing her show “Latin Roots” to the Miramar Cultural Center Saturday night.

The concert is inspired by the music of her Cuban father, the late, great Desi Arnaz. We talked to Arnaz, whose mother was Lucille Ball, from her home in Palm Springs, California, before the trip.

She explained what to expect: “Back in 2010, my brother [Desi Arnaz Jr.] and I paid tribute to my dad with ‘Babalu.’ We actually played the Arsht Center. It was a showstopper. And I thought if we do this again, I’d like the same cast. [Miami native] Raul Esparza sang, and he was just amazing. But he was this up and coming star at the time. Now he’s a big TV star on ‘Law & Order: SVU’ and never available to travel. My brother, who played percussion, is not fond of travel or airplanes so he was out. So I thought, ‘I’ll make a hybrid version of it myself.’”

How she explains the show: “‘Latin Roots’ celebrates my father, but I also do new stuff plus standards with a Latin feel to them. It’s really my story and how I got into this business. There’s a lot of video and talking and home movies.”

What we will see in the footage: “You’ll see me being born into this unique, blended family, and how he brought his incredible sound into our home.”