All male revue, Magic Mike style show in Fort Lauderdale

Forget ‘Magic Mike.’ That was just a movie. A real, in the flesh all male revue is coming to town. So start planning for a ladies night out. “Magic Men Live!” is here and waiting. The super toned guys will be at Parker Playhouse both Friday and Saturday nights, dancing up a storm and showing off what their mamas gave them.

We spoke to the emcee, producer and show’s founder Myles Hass before the trip:

Can you explain the, um, experience of “MML?”

This show is a total getaway from reality and an invitation to truly let loose and have a fun and exciting night out with friends. We have an awesome and diverse cast of fun, lovable and sexy personalities who will find a place in everyone’s hearts by the end of the night.

Is there a lot of audience interaction with the cast?

Yes, there is definitely crowd participation. You can expect a little bit of everything: We are a very high-energy, high-intensity group who get our fans singing, dancing, laughing and screaming. A lot of screaming! There are almost no boundaries when it comes to our shows, so be prepared to say ‘OMG’ more than a few times. In a good way, of course!

How do you all prepare before getting out on stage?

We perform our hearts out every night so its important that we do everything we can to avoid getting injured. Stretching is a must. We also stay positive and focused and in the right state of mind. We love hyping each other up and getting the energy up backstage so that we can really bring it. It’s like getting on a crazy roller coaster with your friends and you know you’re all about to take off onto one wild ride. ‘Here we go boys!’

What is your average workout routine?

With a job like this, it’s definitely important that we stay in good shape and diet properly, not only to look good but also to feel good. We try to make it to the gym almost every day. Cardio training is important to keep our stamina up as well as working out every muscle group to help develop and maintain our physiques.

Info: You must be at least 18 to enter. Both shows are at 8 p.m. Ticketmaster.