Five reasons to not give up on the Miami Heat

Dwyane Wade is wearing a Chicago Bulls jersey and Chris Bosh’s health has kept him off the court. RIP, the last of the Big Three. But there are still reasons to cheer for your Miami Heat this year. The season officially starts at 8 p.m. Oct. 28 against the Charlotte Hornets. Even if you can’t be there, here’s why you shouldn’t give up just yet.


1. If you give up, you surrender the right to say “305 till I die.”  


We will show up at your house and confiscate every piece of merchandise with “305” on it. This includes your phone number. After all, what would Pitbull think


2. Learning all the new names on the roster will help you develop valuable memory skills.



3. You finally have an excuse to retire the threadbare old no. 3 jersey and buy a new one. 


May we suggest no. 21 (Hassan Whiteside) or no. 20 (Justise Winslow).

4. In Pat We Trust. 


What, you don’t think team president Pat Riley can work miracles? He got LeBron James here, didn’t he? Give him time (and some salary cap space).

5. You don’t really think the Miami Dolphins are going to keep winning, do you?