Phil Collins doesn't like Miami

This celebrity feud du jour is actually a few years old. Fourteen, to be exact. Phil Collins told the U.K’s Sunday Times that he didn’t like Paul McCartney.


Why: Collins told the publication that he approached the Beatle at a party at Buckingham Palace back in 2002 to sign a first edition of “The Beatles” by Hunter Davies.

Collins recounted that McCartney made the Genesis legend feel small telling his then wife, “Oh Heather [Mills], our little Phil is a bit of a Beatles fan.” Collins said he never forgot it. “I thought, ‘You f–k. You f–k.’ ”

Collins also got grumpy about his current hometown, where he owns Jennifer Lopez’s former North Bay Road mansion with his ex wife turned current girlfriend Orianne Collins, a jewelry designer.

“I don’t like Miami particularly,” he told the publication. “I live here because the children are here and I go wherever they go.”

The boys — 15-year-old Nicholas and 11-year-old Matthew — attend Miami Country Day.