Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Ruffalo at “Before the Flood” screening


There were two major movie stars in our midst, Miami.  

Ecofriendly pals Leonardo DiCaprio and Mark Ruffalo partook in a Q&A Tuesday after a special screening of DiCaprio’s upcoming documentary, Before the Flood, at Cosford Cinema, according to The Miami Hurricane, with a picture provided by the campus newspaper’s photo editor Hallee Meltzer.

Some of the scenes from the movie about various environmental problems the globe faces, were shot in and around Miami Beach a few months ago.

The Oscar winner (The Revenant) said he was deeply concerned about how climate change was impacting the earth. He also touched on the presidential campaign, though DiCaprio did not name names.

“This is not just a severe and terrifying future for Florida but for the whole world community,” said DiCaprio. “We all realize that every election, Florida is a swing state. I’m not saying specifically who to endorse, but I am saying we cannot afford to have people in political office who do not believe in science or the scientific method or empirical truths or facts.”

Ruffalo said that DiCaprio’s film was “really personal” for the Titanic star, and only halfway joked that the title was going to be “We Are F—ed”.

 “Before the Flood” hits the National Geographic Channel Oct. 30.