‘It’s about the heat:’ U2 rocker Bono opens up at Art Basel event in Miami

Bono meets Basel.

The U2 frontman was front and center Wednesday night at the Moore Building in the Design District to show support for his RED charity.

The rocker’s philanthropic efforts brought out the star power. Guests included supermodel Naomi Campbell, designer Christian Louboutin and famed art dealer Larry Gagosian.

The musician and activist helped put together a pretty amazing auction that included Chicago artist Theaster Gates’s famed work, “A Flag for the Least of Them,” which sold for $807,000, a record, reports Vogue. The auction raised $5.5 million in all.

At one point in the evening, Bono took the mic, not to sing, but to talk about those suffering with HIV/AIDS.

“Six thousand sentient souls dying every day of a preventable treatable disease isn’t a cause, is it? It’s an emergency. Even though that number has halved since we began this—3,000 sentient souls dying every day of a preventable treatable disease—is still an emergency,” said the Irishman. “This is not the cause business as usual. You see, HIV is no normal virus, no normal foe. Its presence is a freak event of enormous magnitude.”

Bono continued, passionately saying that he would not give up the RED fight.

“It’s about the heat, about keeping this epidemic on the public agenda. Art has always been a vehicle for activism and for truth telling and the truth of the matter is that we’re at a pivotal point where the progress we’ve achieved is in real jeopardy.”

Naomi Campbell