Jennifer Lopez just freaked out an entire audience in a movie theater in Miami

They thought just Alex Rodriguez was in the house.

At a screening for Jennifer Lopez’s new movie, “Second Act,” on Wednesday night at The Landmark at Merrick Park, the retired baseball star took the mic at the front of the theater to introduce his girlfriend’s movie.

He greeted fans and asked if anyone in the audience had experienced a second act in their lives.

The response was pretty tepid.

Then Rodriguez asked if there was anybody who was dealing with a third act, or even a first act.

Still, not much response.

Heavy pause.

Then, all of a sudden, a familiar voice: “I  know you’re not the only one with a second act!’

Yep, it was ARod’s better half. Jennifer Lopez came running down the stairs of the theater. Audible gasp. Screams.

ARod kissed Lopez, who was dressed in white overalls and a tank, her hair in a high pony tail.

“Welcome! Welcome!” she told the crowd while ARod, who was there with his tween daughter Natasha beamed.

It must nice to date a movie star, hunh?

So this just happened!! JLO and ARod surprised fans at a screening of SECOND ACT! JLO!!!!!!

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