Want a Victoria’s Secret body? This personal trainer will be in Miami to help you with that.

Want a Victoria’s Secret body?

Rhetorical question.

Looking as amazingly awesome as those models doesn’t just involve  banging DNA, but serious workouts.

Personal trainer to VS models Stephen Pasterino will be in town this week to show you some moves.

One of the best parts of my job is I always get to work with and meet new people who are awesome, and absolutely crush life. Great job this week @lorena

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He’ll be at Inhale Miami at 6:30-8 p.m. Tuesday, 6310 NE 2nd. Ave. guiding a session and then doing a followup Q&A.

The New Yorker founded P.volve, a unique fitness method that blends physical therapy, functional science and hip-opening movements to sculpt hard-to-target areas.  Clients include such VS Angels as Devon Windsor, Nadine Leopold, Lorena Rae and more.

He’ll be heading to Miami Sunday through Thursday to host a few public popups to show you how to work out like an Angel in your living room.

The big VS Fashion Show airs Nov. 28, if you need further motivation to meet your #fitnessgoals.

He’s also patented his own equipment the P.ball, targeting inner thighs and lower butt,  and the, for underarm, back and shoulders.

Tickets are $35. To  reserve,  click here