Feeling stressed? If you live in Florida, there’s a reason for that

Admit it, unless you’re a native, you likely moved to Florida to escape the cold, snow and general malaise that comes with winter.

But once you got here, it wasn’t as rosy as you thought: The traffic, crime, high rent. Now,red tide.

No wonder we’re so stressed out.

According to a recent study by career website Zippia, Florida comes in at the No. 3 spot of 10 Most Stressed Out States.

The study used various criteria to obtain the results such as how much sleep people got, how long their commute was, unemployment rate and hours worked, as well as population density.

But researchers say one of the biggest stressors for Floridians is that the Sunshine State is the lack of insured residents.

The most stressed state in America, as per this study? New Jersey, at No. 1. (it’s the most densely populated state). Plus, they have winter up there.

The least stressed state? Iowa. There goes that winter theory.