Marie Saint Pierre opens boutique in Wynwood

It seems like people aren’t just visiting Miami for a swift vacation anymore.

Many love it so much, they want to move here or bring their business here, and who can blame them?

Marie Saint Pierre, a Canadian fashion designer, was shown around Wynwood a few years back, and ever since then, she felt a deep connection to the area. 

“[My husband] took me to Wynwood and honestly my heart started to beat really fast, and I said, ‘Ok, I want to do something here,'” said Saint Pierre. “I just felt it resonated.” 

The upcoming area filled with art galleries and a mix of coffee shops, juice bars and taco places showed its cool, unpretentious and artistic vibes that captivated the Canadian designer.

That passion now lives in her new boutique, which she opened last night during its monthly art-frenzy, Art Walk event. 

The gallery-style boutique welcomed local guests, bloggers and influencers to mingle and enjoy sounds from a DJ and what seemed like an endless flow of wine and cucumber-garnished water.

Decorated with minimalistic detailing, the elegant store is filled with mannequins, tables loaded with leather and fur accessories and a painting of a moose and a woman with a message of love. A long rack hangs along one of the walls, displaying Saint Pierre newest collection, which included a range of styles and cuts that she assures are didactic enough to also fit the stylish Miami woman.

“The lighter and ‘flowy’ fabrics allow a feeling of freshness and comfort to every customer,” she said. 

The clothes ranged within a color-story of shades such as blacks, whites, and grays – each garment with a series of geometrically elaborated cuts and shapes, and minimal detailing was added so some pieces in metallic. The accessories were mostly black. 

With her style and passion for dressing women, Saint Pierre looks to bring the Northern sophisticated fashion influence to Miami with her designs, and after years of succesfully working with all kinds of clients in diverse work fields and lifestyles, she is offering the Magic City collections that fit perfectly between the parameters of feminine, delicate and edgy.