Paulina Rubio just ‘died.’ But it was all for a good cause.

She’s OK, really.

But we were worried there for a few minutes.

Paulina Rubio appears in a video for PETA that shows her slowly succumbing to heat stroke inside a broiling hot car.

The disturbing clip starts with Rubio hanging outside a car window in the back seat (as a dog would). A radio announcer says it’s going to be a “hot one out there today,” with a high of 94. The driver parks, cracks her window and walks into a dentist’s office.

The end credits read that viewers should not let their dogs inside a warm car even for a few minutes and with a cracked window. The video comes in the wake of multiple (human) infants dying in hot vehicles just this year alone. As of July, 29 children had died so far.

“The helplessness, fear, and agony that dogs must feel as their bodies shut down inside a sweltering car is hard to imagine,” says the chart-topping singer. “My friends at PETA and I are shouting this message from the rooftops: Never leave anybody inside a parked car, and if you happen to see a dog in danger inside a vehicle on a warm day, please do whatever it takes to get him or her to safety.”

FYI: In South Florida, the temperature inside a car, even if parked in the shade, can climb to more than 100 degrees in a matter of minutes.