Que Noche! Con Angelica y Raul airs on Saturday

Saturday night will be quite the evening for Telemundo stars Raul Gonzalez and Angelica Vale, as they kick off their weekly prime-time show titled, Que Noche! Con Angelica y Raul.

“We are focusing on encouraging Hispanic families and homes in the United States, to get together in front of a TV set and watch a show with a family-style concept,” said Raul Gonzalez.

Que Noche! Con Angelica y Raul will run for two hours with live entertainment that includes games, surprise giveaways, celebrity appearances, performances, interviews and raffles.

The show also welcomes audiences and viewers on Saturday evenings to watch a series of parodies and comedic sketches basing off of popular Telemundo shows, soap operas and news segments.

Both Angelica and Gonzalez have experience in the past with theater, comedy and live entertainment shows.

Gonzalez, is a Venezuelan entertainer who has co-hosted various shows for Hispanic audiences in the past, and has a close tie with Mario Luis Kreutzberger – also known as Don Francisco.

Don Francisco, is a television host who presented the Spanish-speaking audiences with Sabado Gigante, a Hispanic variety show in 1962, that ran every Saturday night, until its final episode that aired on Sept. 19, 2015.

By hosting Que Noche! Gonzalez and Angelica feel they have the responsibility of filling the void of viewers’ Saturday nights with their own version of what family-style entertainment is.

“I think that there will never be anything like Sabado Gigante. It is unique and that is the way it should stay,” said Angelica, who is a Mexican-born entertainer and has worked back-and-forth between Mexico and Miami until eight years ago when she stayed in The Magic City. “We are trying to do our own thing; doing simply what we think the audience is expecting from us and what we think they want to see on Saturdays.”

Que Noche! Con Angelica y Raul will air on Nov. 7 at 7p.m./6c.