Soledad O'Brien at 'I Am Latino in America' conference

Soledad O’Brien is rocking out on tour, and her mission has nothing to do with music.

The award-winning journalist is traveling around the country for “I Am Latino in America,” chatting about such community issues as voting, the economy and education.

The 49-year-old St. James, New York, native made a stop at Florida International University on Monday night.

O’Brien, a former CNN and NBC anchor who heads up Starfish multimedia production company, said she feels a kinship with Miami, as her mother is from is from Cuba. “It’s great to be here,” said the married mother of four.“I feel a connection. It’s very diverse.”

O’Brien likes to get students involved in the issues — and using social meida.

“I love hashtags,” she said. “It’s illuminating to see a different generation’s perspective and look at specific threads.”

As for the topics du jour, O’Brien believes it’s hard not to bring up Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

“I think he’s part of the conversation now, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” she said. 

Now that relations are thawing between Cuba and the U.S., O’Brien may consider taking the brood to visit one day, as well as to visit the relatives Down Under (that’s a long flight). But traveling in a large pack can be a challenge.

“We’ll see. They’re still a little too little,” she says, laughing. “I remember some early days when I was thinking, ‘I’m not sure we’re going to make it!'”

Next stop on the tour: The University of Texas. 

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