Hey, Miami: Is Pitbull cheating on us - with Mississippi?!

This is not Calle Ocho.
This is not Calle Ocho.

Is Pitbull cheating on us, Miami?

We think he might be.  On Thursday, he kicked off the grand opening of a new venue at Hard Rock Casino Biloxi. The name of this venue is iLov305.

Like, you know, the same name of the restaurant/club he’s supposed to be opening here.

Miami’s iLov305 is supposed to open this summer inside the Bel-Air Hotel Miami Beach on Ocean Drive.

Meanwhile, in Biloxi:

Yeah. Galling, isn’t it? Nice try, Biloxi. You can only ever be his side chick.

The lounge, according to the Biloxi Sun Herald, is in the middle of the casino, with a cigar bar and a tropical vibe (nothing says “tropical paradise” like Mississippi). You can order specialty drinks like The Frisky Chica, Mr. Worldwide Mai Tai, La Diabla the Huri-Cano and Gasolina. Listen, “Gasolina” is a Daddy Yankee song. Get it right, Biloxi.

There’s also a drink called The Miamian. Presumably it makes you beautiful and gives you a Brazilian butt lift.

And yet, the Gulf Coast is into it. The Sun Herald reports that Mayor Andrew “FoFo” Gilich – no, seriously, we did not make up that name – declared Thursday “Pitbull and iLove305 Day in Biloxi.”

Pitbull Day in Biloxi. What’s next, ventanitas in Natchez?

Grand Opening of iLov305 at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi with Pitbull
<> at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Biloxi on June 21, 2018 in Biloxi, Mississippi. Erika Goldring Getty Images for Hard Rock Hotel

Mr. Worldwide seemed awfully happy to be there, too

“More than anything I want to say it’s crazy to be in Biloxi, Mississippi, and you guys giving this little first generation Cuban American a chance here,” he told the crowd.

So when does iLove305 open in the 305? No word. All we’ve got are renderings of what the space is supposed to look like.

Till then you’ll just have to look at this space in Biloxi and dream.


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