Was Shakira just selling a necklace with a Nazi symbol? Upset fans want to know.

Whoops! Eek. Ay.

Shakira may have other things on her mind these days beside her bf Gerard Pique winning the World Cup.

People en Espanol reports that the singer may have been hawking a Nazi symbol to promote her El Dorado World Tour.

The emblem in question is the Schwarze Sonne or Black Sun, which appeared  on a gold necklace which was recently deleted from the Shakira fan merchandise e-store.

The jewelry reads “Shakira El Dorado World Tour” surrounding a sun-like shape.

That pattern looks a lot like the Black Sun which is still used today in some neo-Nazi occult circles, reports German media outlet Bento.

Bento explains the Black Sun represented the day of the end of the world and when the symbol is folded a certain way it forms the swastika and the emblem of the SS. It’s also reportedly used in secret neo-Nazi circles.

Good thing for the delete option. Oh, but the screen shots.

Shakira is set to play the BB&T Center in Sunrise Jan. 11 as a stop on her  El Dorado World Tour. 

We can’t wait to see what she’ll be selling by then.

There’s another necklace still available on Shak’s fan website that is only $9.95, which looks like a simple, innocuous sun.

The site describes it: “Gold embossed pendant cut out necklace that reads ‘Shakira El Dorado World Tour’. Will ship on or around June 29th.”

Or might the singer interest you in some boxer shorts that read “Hips Don’t Lie” on the back side?

No need to answer that question.