This Miami chef makes some mean croquetas — and may be the Next Food Network Star

Chris Valdes
Chris Valdes

He’s Miami, through and through.

And Chef Chris Valdes may be the “Next Food Network” star.

According to his personal website, he’s known for “fusing Caribbean flavors with modern influences to create thought provoking dishes that are easy to make.”

His inspiration? Emeril Lagasse.

Growing up in my family's restaurant, surrounded daily with mouthwatering food, I was destined to be a food lover. Read my bio #chefchrisvaldes #chrisvaldes #chef #smile #positivevibes #bio #youtube #miami #cook

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The Le Cordon Bleu grad currently owns his own special events company called Best Chefs Catering, which he’s been running for the last seven years.

On the Food Network site, Valdes says that one of his greatest skills is “cooking under pressure and doing a million things at once.”

The 26 year old’s ideal dine-in experience at home?

“I do not let the fridge tell me what’s for dinner. I go to the store and it depends what I’m craving. I’ll get some nice jumbo shrimp. I’ll get some white wine so I can drink it and use it in my dish. I love tomatoes, some cilantro, some onions and peppers. Some jasmine rice. Some fried plantains. It’s delicious.”

NEW VIDEO!! Being from Miami, I just had to share my delicious Croqueta recipe. Serrano and Gorgonzola Cheese Croqueta with Guava sauce. Light crunch in the outside, creamy bite in the inside, with a touch of sweetness from the guava sauce. A bite of heaven. Who wants to try it? #chefchrisvaldes #chrisvaldes #chef #miami #food #foodie #croquetas #monday #iloveyou #cooking #recipe #latino #ham #cheese #youtube

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Check out his Instagram video of him making croquetas, with a serrano and Gorgonzola cheese and guava sauce.

Yep, like we said: Miami, through and through.

Watch the show 9 p.m. Sunday.